Iwamoto Laboratoly

Photo Album

Fu-san, Gao-san and Zhan-san, our alumni, visited our lab.

(July 1, 2024 @ RCAST)

We had a farewell party for Prof. Zhao. We hope to see him at future conferences!

(June 27, 2024 @ Shimokitazawa)

Open Campus 2024. We had many guests visiting our lab because of the new physics toys.

(June 08, 2024 @ RCAST)

Prof. Tian will begin his new work at Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology. Congratulations!

(May 30, 2024 @ RCAST)

A CREST joint seminar on topology was held at Kyushu University.

(May 24, 2024 @ Kyushu University)

Had a welcome party with delicious pizza!

(April 25, 2024 @ RCAST)

Group photo 2024 under cherry blossom trees

(April 11, 2024 @ RCAST)

Welcome and farewell party. We wish Gao-san great success and welcome Prof. Zhao!

(July 25, 2023 @ Shobuya)

Takuto, our former member, visited us. We learned a lot about experiments from him.

(July 24, 2023 @ @Building 3, RCAST)

EP2DS-25 & MSS-21@Grenoble

(Jul. 11@World Trade Center, Grenoble, France)

Tanabata Festival

(July 7, 2023@Komaba Research Campus)

Siyuan got the Ph. D. degree! Congratulations!

(July 6, 2023@Komaba Research Campu)

Open Campus 2023. We had much more guests than usual.

(June 9 and 10, @Ee-208, IIS and Building 3, RCAST)

Group Photo 2023

(May 25, 2023@Komaba Research Campus)

Happy graduation!

(Mar. 27, 2023@Komaba Research Campus)

Farewell Party!

(Mar. 23, 2023@Ikebukuro)

Year-end Party!

(Dec. 16, 2022@Shinjuku,Tokyo)

IIS Halloween party! Trick or treat!

(Oct. 28, 2022@IIS)

MOC2022@Jena, Germany

(Sep. 25, 2022@Abbe Center of Photonics, Jena, Germany)

Guangtai and Chengkun have completed thier master’s course. Congratulations!

(Oct. 4, 2022@RCAST Building 3)

The 83rd JSAP Autumn Meeting 2022@Tohoku University, Sendai

(Sep. 20, 2022@Sendai, Miyagi)


(Aug. 1~5, 2022@Sapporo Convention Center)

Welcome and Graduation Celebration Party

(July 29, 2022@Shibuya)  *Another photo

PICS Workshop@Hamamatsu

(July 15, 2022@Grand Hotel Hamamatsu)

Open campus for the first time in three years! Thank you for visiting us!

(June 10 and 11, 2022@Ee-208, IIS)

Group photo 2022

(June 2, 2022@rooftop, Bldg 14, RCAST)

Site visit of JST Moonshot program. We discussed the recent progress and future directions with the Program Director, Prof. Kitagawasa, the Program Manager, Prof. Kosaka, and JST members.


We moved our office to Bldg. 3, RCAST

(April 22, 2022@Bldg. 3, RCAST)

Party for celebrating the graduation of Master’s course and the pass of the pre-defense of Ph.D. degree.

(March 28, 2022@somwhere in Tokyo)

Congratulations on completing the master’s course! Rosuke received Master’s Thesis Award in EE Department and Presentation Award in the 3rd NPEM Workshop!

(March 28, 2022, @ Koomaba Research Campus)

Farewell party for Tianji. He will be Associate Professor in Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics (CIOMP), China from 2022. Congratulations!

(December 10, 2021@Main Meeting Room at IIS)

Yeting won the Presentation Award in the 2nd NPEM Workshop! Conguratz!

(September 27, 2021@Ee-205)

New group photo 2021

(June 2021)

Ryota and Wenbo have completed thier doctoral studies. Ryota won the Graduate School of Science Research Encouragement Award and Wenbo reived the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award in EE Department. In FY2019, Satomi earned a PhD degree. Congratulations everyone!

(March 25, 2021@Komaba Research Campus)

Kazuhiro and Takeyoshi, our alumnus, visited our lab.

(January 26, 2021@Ew-203)

Hironobu won Best Poster Award at the 5th Photonics Workshop, Japan Society of Applied Physics, and Presentation Encouragement Award at the 3rd Crystal Enginnering x ISYSE Joint Workshop. Congratz!

(February 18, 2021)

We took a new group photo @zoom!


Zhaoyin and Hironobu have completed thier master’s course. Congratulations!.Hiroobu also received Master’s Thesis Award in EE Department!

(March 23, 2020@Komaba Research Campus)

We enjoyed Korean dishes with Ingi, a graduate, after the 1st SNU-UT Workshop on Nanophotonics. Thanks, Ingi!

(February 1, 2020@Seaoul National University)

(February 1, 2020@Kwangjang Market)

Ryota won the Best Paper Award of MOC2019!

(on Nov. 20@ Toyama International COnference Center)

Dr. Fu, our alumnus, visited us

He stopped by during his work in Japan. Thank you very much. He also gave various advice to our Chinese students.(November 5, 2019@Ew-203)

Takuto received Master’s Thesis Award in EE Department! Congratz!

(November 1, 2019@Ee-208)

BBQ Party

Ryota, great work!(July 24, 2019@Kasai Rinkai Park)

We had a party after Open Campus, together with the members of Holms Lab and Quantum Dot Lab.

We had a special guiests, Prof. Utaka and his students, Waseda University!(May 31, 2019@Ew-502)

Wenbo won thw Student Encouragement Award in IEICE LQE Workshop in May

おめでとう!(May 31, 2019@ Biwako Conference Center)

Ryota was selected as the finalists of Maiman Student Paper Competition!

CLEO2019_katsumi1 CLEO2019_katsumi2 (on May 8, 2019 @ San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California, USA)

We present the recent works at CLEO2019(2019.5.6~2019.5.10)

CLEO2019(on May 7, 2019 @ San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California, USA)

Group photo (2019. 4.5)

(On Apr. 5@Courtyard)

Ingi won Best PhD Thesis Award from the EE Department

(On Mar. 27@Ew-203)

Takeyoshi moved to The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan as an assistant professor. Congratulations!

(on Feb. 22, 2019@E Lounge)

Dumpling party

(Feb. 5, 2019@E Lounge )

Year-End Party of IIS Device Group

YEP_2018(on Dec. 10, 2018@E Lounge)

Our paper won Best Paper Award in MOC2018!

moc_award(on Oct. 18, 2018@International Convention Center, Chang Yung-Fa Foundation in Taipe)

Ryota visited some groups in Europe and gave seminars

Katsumi_KTH(On Oct. 11, 2018@KTH)

Groups Ryota visited Finley groupLodahl group、Zwiller group

Farewell party for research students from Chulalongkorn University

chula_farewell(On July 27, 2018@As311)

Ryota presented his work at QD2018

QD2018(on June 29, 2018@Univ. Tront)

IIS Open Campus


Four research students from Chulalongkorn University join

ChulaTheir supervisor is Prof. Aniwat Tandaechanurat, our alumnus. They will stay with us about twomonths.(On June 4, 2018 @ Ee-208)

Dr. Fu, our alumnus, visited us

FuHis Japanese skill was very much improved !(on May 28, 2018@Ew-203)

We present the recent works at CLEO2018(2018.5.14~2018.5.18)

CLEO2018with members in Nanoquine QD Lab(on May 16, 2018 @ San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California, USA)

Group Phots(2018.4.11 & 2018.5.10)

グループフォト180411(On April 11, 2018 @ underground atrium)

group photo (180510) (On May 10, 2018 @ Optics Lab in B-block)

Lab Rearrangement (2018.5.9)

We rearranged room Ew-203! got the room an open feeling.. 模様替え

模様替え2(On May 10, 2018 @ Ew-203